Best Places to Gamble in the US

In Macau, around 20 million tourists extend a tribute to casinos. At the same time, in the USA, the embracing of casinos is a novel concept that dawned over the past two decades. The year 1980 had received casino gambling only in Atlantic City, Nevada, and New Jersey. This phase ignited another 30 states to legalize gambling in the US. The evolution of Las Vegas from a scruffy, grimy town to being the bulwark of entertainment was a splendid one. The casino is a heavenly abode where you not only bear testimony to the refashioning of the city but also of individuals, might be your accomplice, you get fortunate enough to metamorphose from rags to riches.

Las Vegas, Nevada

There exists an ocean of nicknames for Las Vegas, and it transcends from Entertainment Capital of the World to Sin City and City of Lost Wages. Yes, and Las Vegas remains unrivalled on top of your list if you plan on embarking on a casino escapade.

The first gambling license was issued in 1931 in Las Vegas to the Northern Club. From that very moment, Nevada evolved into the gambling haven where manifold individuals have metamorphosised from rags to riches succoured by the blessing of Lady Luck. Now, the Las Vegas Strip is swarmed with casinos – about 104 casinos and 15 among the 25 colossal hotels in the world are in Las Vegas. Las Vegas remains the unparalleled gambling capital of the entire US.

Reno, Nevada

Reno’s sobriquet as The Biggest Little City in the World. With an assortment of over 20 casinos, Reno enjoyed the former glory of being the gambling capital of the US before Las Vegas transitioned as the vanguard in the 1950s. You are not devoid of the luxuries you would receive at Vegas from a gazillion of slot machines to table games you name it, and you have it all. It is not just the gambling that lures you, but the enticing nightlife the city offers is snazzy.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Titled as the Las Vegas of the East Coast with a dozen massive casinos at the heart of America’s Favourite Playground has the Monopoly City as the prime venue to gamble. Atlantic City at the bulwark of entertainment is another alluring aspect with casinos like Borgata Hotel Casino, and Tropicana Atlantic City will delight your eyes with the panoramic view of the beach. Now, try your luck while taking a stroll down the AC Boardwalk stride into a casino and challenge those seasoned poker players!

Foxwoods, Connecticut

Foxwoods Casino Resort holds a significant place among the massive gambling places in the world. This place has had its share of ebb and flow but has withstood the test of time and expanded their business. The casino floor stretches over 345,000 sq. Ft with 4800 gaming machines and 380 table games. This place is revolutionized into a gambling centre brimming with activities. Even after quenching your gambling thirst, you have a myriad of activities to keep you engaged – from movies to golf and also indulge in a luxurious stroll through the Pequot Tribe museum.

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